Debian Community Guidelines

ver. 0.1, 30 March, 2006

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This is the Debian Community Guidelines, a collection of what sane people are already doing everyday, written down so that we don't risk forgetting.

The Guidelines are divided in four parts:

These guidelines are mainly about interacting with other people. For technical suggestions, please refer to the Debian Developer's Reference.

In addition to the guidelines, there is a collection of resources for moderators, listmasters, DPLs and other people with some leadership, moderation, mediation or facilitation role (see Chapter 4, Resources for moderators, listmasters, DPLs...).

Table of Contents

1. Main guidelines
2. Communication-specific guidelines
Improving the content
Improving the presentation
Ensuring sustainability
Communication mini-HOWTOs
Bringing long threads to a conclusion
Coping with flamewars
Dealing with trolls
3. Debian-specific guidelines
Package management
Handling bug reports
Reporting bugs
4. Resources for moderators, listmasters, DPLs...
Threats and explicit promises
Repeated events
Conflict resolution
5. Further reading
6. Feedback