Chapter 3. Debian-specific guidelines

Table of Contents

Package management
Handling bug reports
Reporting bugs

Package management

Many people in Debian have found it useful to have packages maintained by groups rather than by singles. Here is a list of ways to do it:

  • Work with comaintainers. This works particularly well when a group of people with similar interests share maintainance of a related group of packages. For example see pkg-ocaml-maint, pkg-italian and pkg-games, but it also work well for single packages, like pkg-vim.

    Alioth comes particularly useful when doing group maintainance, as it easily allows to share a VCS repository, to create mailing lists and to also include in the maintainance people who are not yet Debian Developers.

    Raphael Hertzog posted a very informative mail to debian-devel-announce with plenty of useful information.

    More data is also available in the AliothPackagingProject wiki page.

  • Using a distributed revision control system like Bazaar-NG or Darcs, you can put a mirror of your tree on your webspace at, and engage in cross-pulling of patches with other interested people.

    This allows an easy start, with you normally doing your work and having it exported to a website, and is open to scaling up anytime more people want to get involved.

    If you are not a Debian Developer, and thus cannot use the webspace at, you can create an account on Alioth and use the webspace it provides. Note that webspace on Alioth is visible as

  • Add yourself to the low threshold NMU list.

    This lets fellow Debian Developers know that you are open to have external contributions in your packages.