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About me

I'm a placid Italian, born on 18/02/1988, who actively support the Free Software movement, its community and goals, and the deeper ideals and philosophy behind it.

I used to live on the sunny side of northern Italy, few hundred of meters from the beach and the water of the Ligurian Sea. I recently moved to Turin, to complete my studies at Politecnico di Torino, where I spend most of my days.

My nickname on the Internet is kaeso: I chose it semy-randomly years ago, when I first connected to the Net and got in touch with the big Linux community. I later discovered that it used to be a not very common Ancient Roman prenomen. wow!

Some more information can be obtained via finger from
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GPG key

My GPG key has ID 0x3BFB9FB3 and its fingerprint is:

7478 5B72 8B8A B530 C60B F303 46AA 1B6A 3BFB 9FB3
You can get it from the web from my favourite keyserver or directly from your command line, either via gpg, wget or finger: