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Debian GNU/Linux riscv64 port -- Sponsors and Build machines

In previous posts about the riscv64 port there were mentions about history, progress and other details, but in this one I want to address the topic of sponsors and build machines, which even if there are mentions from time to time (e.g. in talks and slides posted here), it has not been covered in a comprehensive manner.

And it's only fair that we acknowledge people …

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Debian GNU/Linux riscv64 port in mid 2019

It's been a while since last post (Talk about the Debian GNU/Linux riscv64 port at RISC-V workshop), and sometimes things look very quiet from outside even if the people on the backstage never stop working. So this is an update on the status of this port before the release of buster, which should happen in a few weeks and which it will open the way …

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Talk about the Debian GNU/Linux riscv64 port at RISC-V workshop

About a month ago I attended the RISC-V workshop (conference, congress) co-organised by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).

There I presented a talk with the (unimaginative) name of “Debian GNU/Linux Port for RISC-V 64-bit”, talking about the same topic as many other posts of this blog.

There are 2-3 such RISC-V Workshop events per year, one somewhere in Silicon …

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Debian GNU/Linux port for RISC-V 64-bit (riscv64) in Debian infrastructure (debian-ports)

tl;dr: We have a new port for RISC-V, flavour riscv64 (64-bits little-endian) in Debian Ports.

And it's doing well.

Debian-Ports 2-week Graph, 2018-03-31

Debian-Ports 2-week Graph, 2018-03-31

(PS: Despite the date still in some timezones... no, this is not an April-Fools-day type of post :-) ).

Ancient History

Almost a year ago I wrote a post announcing the availability of a Debian GNU/Linux port for RISC-V 64-bit (riscv64).

At the …

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Debian GNU/Linux port for RISC-V 64-bit (riscv64)

This is a post describing my involvement with the Debian GNU/Linux port for RISC-V (unofficial and not endorsed by Debian at the moment) and announcing the availability of the repository (still very much WIP) with packages built for this architecture.

If not interested in the story but you want to check the repository, just jump to the bottom.


A while ago, mostly during 2014 …

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