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  3. * slef starts logging again
  4. <stockholm> thanks!
  5. <slef> Do you want the tech log posting?
  6. <slef> tech meeting log
  7. <stockholm> slef: i think that would be very welcome, too
  8. * stockholm abuses his non-existing authority over the tech meeting and asks slef to put up a log for that, too
  9. * h01ger cheers
  10. <stockholm> gong
  11. <stockholm> we now start the next scheduled meeting
  12. <stockholm> i welcome everyone who could make it
  13. <stockholm> and even mooch, who could not. (c:
  14. --- stockholm has changed the topic on channel #debconf-team to "volunteers"
  15. <stockholm> bad news: we seem to have only 6 volunteers from finland so far.
  16. <stockholm> we always have the option to ask debconf participants to help out. there will be many who will help
  17. <stockholm> but it is slighly suboptimal. oh well.
  18. <nchip> personally most people I have asked, are either having a summerjob or are not in the country during the time..
  19. <nchip> there is some people who might come for the evenings/weekends
  20. <stockholm> yes.
  21. <tuukkah> 1st - 3nd is a weekend at least
  22. <stockholm> we will need some "trained" volunteers for the registration during the 8th-10th, since that is when the bulk of people comes.
  23. <stockholm> aschwin has agreed to take over registration and the infor desk
  24. <stockholm> i wrote a list of things to sort out beforehand and asked also a person who was involved in that work at debconf3 to comment on the list and the work
  25. <stockholm> he will manage.
  26. <stockholm> we have payed cleaning so that one should be less volunteer-intensive.
  27. <stockholm> and paid food.
  28. <stockholm> but there are still a lot of other tasks left.
  29. <stockholm> any other comments to the situation?
  30. <stockholm> someone with ideas for a volunteer manager?
  31. * h01ger keeps silent
  32. <stockholm> ok, we will see how it goes.
  33. <tuukkah> people who haven't organized this kind of an event before might not want the responsibility of management
  34. <stockholm> we had some ideas last time, i guess we will need to put those into action.
  35. <stockholm> tuukkah: there are some people there who can help and councel.
  36. <stockholm> tuukkah: you would not get dropped into the cold water
  37. <tuukkah> sure, I'm just guessing how people might feel about this
  38. <stockholm> tuukkah: the event starts very slowly and it is easy to sort out things once at a time
  39. <slef> http://people.debian.org/~mjr/debconf-tech050620.html
  40. <slef> (unchecked)
  41. <stockholm> and i would give advice beforehand if i see problems coming.
  42. <h01ger> slef, thanx.
  43. <stockholm> tuukkah: do you volunteer?
  44. <tuukkah> I'm a total newbie. so certainly not for the managing :-)
  45. <stockholm> ok
  46. <stockholm> other comments?
  47. --- stockholm has changed the topic on channel #debconf-team to "Debian day on the 9th"
  48. <h01ger> 300 nametags is clearly enough...
  49. <stockholm> i hopped over all agenda items which seem to be connected with mooch now
  50. <stockholm> h01ger: dont be so sure (c:
  51. <liiwi> I'll drag him to lunch tomorrow
  52. <stockholm> Q-FUNK: ?
  53. <stockholm> Q-FUNK: can you give a status update on debian day?
  54. <stockholm> jaldhar: ?
  55. <stockholm> jaldhar: or you?
  56. <Q-FUNK> re
  57. <stockholm> wb
  58. <stockholm> Q-FUNK: can you give a status update on debian day?
  59. <Q-FUNK> everything is confirmed except the Extremadura talk.
  60. <jaldhar> I think we have the schedule pretty much settled right Q-FUNK?
  61. <stockholm> duh, still not? is the guy not reachable?
  62. <Q-FUNK> I tried calling the guy a number of times. no answer.
  63. <stockholm> should i call him?
  64. <stockholm> ok
  65. <stockholm> what was the last thing you heared from him?
  66. <Q-FUNK> other than that, everything is pretty much wraped up.
  67. <Q-FUNK> something along the lines of "I''m not sure. Lemme get back to you on this one"
  68. <stockholm> gag.
  69. <stockholm> i will mail intel and ask to intervene
  70. <Q-FUNK> I really got the impressin that he doesn't understand english too well, from the way he wrote his answer.
  71. <stockholm> ok. not good either if he is going to give a presentation in english
  72. <Q-FUNK> indeed
  73. <stockholm> Q-FUNK: thanks. was that all?
  74. <Q-FUNK> I'd say: spank the intel guy until his balls fall off.
  75. <stockholm> lol
  76. <stockholm> yes, especially after the server thing
  77. * h01ger 's imagination goes wild :)
  78. <stockholm> ok, next
  79. --- stockholm has changed the topic on channel #debconf-team to "Status of papers and presentations"
  80. <stockholm> Tolimar: ?
  81. <Q-FUNK> yes, that's all. schedule is done (except extremadura), logistics planned.
  82. <stockholm> i think he could not make it now.
  83. <Q-FUNK> remains only the reminder e-mail to thhose whose talks was selected for debian day to ensure they know their time slot and duration.
  84. <stockholm> he send a mail to -team, though
  85. <stockholm> Tolimar was under the wrong impression that the papers needed printing only untill the 9th
  86. <stockholm> but we need them on the 1st already, since the proceedings to into the conference bags.
  87. <Q-FUNK> ah on that point: should we get anything from debian day printed out as handouts?
  88. <stockholm> which get packed realy early
  89. <h01ger> is the 1st realistic or the 2nd ?
  90. <stockholm> Q-FUNK: dont know. i have no budget for that at the moment, and you have no papers, do you?
  91. <h01ger> we have lots to do on the 1st..
  92. <tuukkah> is debian day only talks, or can we say that visitors get something else as well, such as interviews or demos?
  93. <stockholm> h01ger: the 1st is very realistic. the tex guy needs to plow through the papers and the printshop needs the files one week in advance.
  94. <Q-FUNK> stockholm: I _do_ think that papers will be produced, at least in some cases. in fact, some of the talks for debian day were initiall submitted for debconf.
  95. <stockholm> h01ger: we can pack during the weekend, but the 1st is the last day that the printshop will deliver
  96. <h01ger> stockholm, to me, your 2nd sentence had no connection to the 1st ;)
  97. <h01ger> ah, ok - now i understand better
  98. <stockholm> Q-FUNK: check with people and i will check if we have money over. not sure
  99. <Q-FUNK> noted
  100. <jaldhar> tuukkah: we are not having any formal demos but perhaps there could be some Debian-powered workstations set up for people to play with
  101. <mooch> sorry for being late...
  102. <tuukkah> jaldhar, my concern was do visitors plan to stay if there are some talks they're not interested in
  103. <Q-FUNK> jaldhar: it would be good to have a few people demo the installation process on different hardware, in the lobby, during recesses.
  104. <stockholm> concluding the talks and papers: i am not entirely sure about the situation
  105. <stockholm> i hope tolimar will be available for further info soon.
  106. <stockholm> next?
  107. <jaldhar> Q-FUNK: that's a good idea except it seems we have a lack of volunteers at the moment
  108. <Q-FUNK> PR
  109. * h01ger added the conference bags to http://wiki.debian.net/?DebConf5Schedule
  110. <stockholm> h01ger: i think they were there allready?
  111. --- stockholm has changed the topic on channel #debconf-team to "problem: many people seem to have missed the reconfirmation -> food shortage"
  112. <h01ger> not on the 1st. didnt check other dates :-/
  113. <nchip> that page is getting quite long. And the editing window sucks :(
  114. <jaldhar> well alcohol makes you less hungry and it looks like people are bringing lots of it. Problem solved :-)
  115. <h01ger> nchip, come up with a better solution...
  116. <stockholm> nchip checked with the kitchen and i checked with intel. intel told me "dont worry" and the kitchen said that they have a "intel pays everything" blanko cheque. so we *seem* clean
  117. <h01ger> jaldhar, i dont think we have demo machines (except maybe notebooks) now. but i've taken down a note on the "need" for them...
  118. <Q-FUNK> stockholm: does comas give a snapshot of who currently selected which meal, or does it add a new meal for every time people change their mind?
  119. <stockholm> Q-FUNK: yes
  120. <mooch> stockholm: so i dont see a problem...
  121. <stockholm> mooooooch!!!!!
  122. <stockholm> mooch: the problem comes from the agenda.
  123. <mooch> if there is a problem we can always change some things on the fly...
  124. <mooch> 21:24 < mooch> sorry for being late...
  125. * h01ger smiles at mooch...
  126. <Q-FUNK> h01ger: I already suspect that ubtuntu is likely to show up with boxes of hoary CDs.
  127. <Q-FUNK> stockholm: this was not a yes/no question. :)
  128. <tuukkah> and thinkpads ?-)
  129. <stockholm> Q-FUNK: what question?
  130. <stockholm> ah, sorry
  131. <h01ger> Q-FUNK, yes, i hope so, too. but i dont see to whats this is related 8-)
  132. <stockholm> comas give a snapshot of how many currently selected which meal
  133. --- Signoff: jbailey ("Bugs aren't vegan")
  134. <Q-FUNK> h01ger: that if debian doesn't have people willing to demo installations, I'm sure that the ubuntu folks will jump on it.
  135. <h01ger> Q-FUNK, ahh. the problem is not the software, we're lacking of (confirmed) machines...
  136. <stockholm> next?
  137. <h01ger> no.
  138. <nchip> As for the estimate of eaters, we don't know how many volunteers need food.
  139. <stockholm> d-day was done, btw
  140. <stockholm> nchip: 6, aparently.
  141. <h01ger> whats the conclusion of shortage of food ? latecomers pay for themselves?
  142. <stockholm> neglectable
  143. <stockholm> h01ger: re-read scrollback: the problem seems solved by intel throwing money at it
  144. <nchip> on the other hand, stockholm calculations don't take in account that people not staying at otaranta will probably not need sponsored breakfast
  145. <h01ger> ahhh, ok. nice. i hope this doesnt eat the storage server. or latecomers do have to provide storage ;)
  146. <stockholm> next?
  147. <nchip> everyone brings floppies to video team
  148. <h01ger> yes, please.
  149. <mooch> next, the problem was solved by intel putting more money there...
  150. <h01ger> (next, no floppies!!!!)
  151. <stockholm> nchip: we need the fine-grained food confirmation page per person and see what we end up with then.
  152. <h01ger> ;)
  153. --- stockholm has changed the topic on channel #debconf-team to "Status of the nametags"
  154. <stockholm> h01ger brings the nametag-supplies and machines
  155. --- Signoff: DaCa-be ("leaving")
  156. <h01ger> 50 tags are 24 euros, i'll bring 300 tags
  157. <stockholm> Aschwin will be heading the registration and info-desk
  158. <stockholm> can you two please sort out the details with the comas guys?
  159. <h01ger> and i'll meet Ganneff at Linuxtag where we'll discussion the software/layout-solution...
  160. <Q-FUNK> "Hi, my name is Q and I'm a Sarge-a-holic"
  161. <Q-FUNK> oops
  162. <stockholm> h01ger: i have some ideas regarding the layout, too
  163. <h01ger> stockholm, yes. Aschwin has what email/nick ? /msg is fine ;)
  164. <h01ger> stockholm, can you mail me those ideas please, as during LT it's easier to access mail then irc or memory ;)
  165. <stockholm> ok.
  166. <h01ger> next ?
  167. <stockholm> yes
  168. <nchip> h01ger: avdwoude
  169. <stockholm> Debconf's Day Trip
  170. --- stockholm has changed the topic on channel #debconf-team to "Debconf's Day Trip"
  171. <h01ger> (other people can mail me ideas for the layout as well and we can change the layout til the 1st...)
  172. <h01ger> (and i can post a preview...)
  173. <stockholm> nchip had taken over the day trip. (c:
  174. <stockholm> nchip: ?
  175. <mooch> h01ger: post previews for criticism, please
  176. <liiwi> moooooooooooch
  177. <mooch> liiwiiiiiiiiiiii
  178. <nchip> I asked last week for a offer from "Suomenlinna tours"
  179. <h01ger> np mooooooooooch ;)
  180. <nchip> Unfortunatly, I asked for monday 11th, so I hope they can send a new offer soon.
  181. <nchip> the previous offer was ok, except for the foor part
  182. <mooch> foor?
  183. <nchip> door
  184. <nchip> ....
  185. <nchip> food
  186. <stockholm> nchip: are they offering a "all inclusive" deal?
  187. <nchip> stockholm: yes
  188. <stockholm> nchip: i could hit up on dell if they want to sponsor the complete day trip
  189. <stockholm> nchip: what is the "all inclusive" price for the whole event?
  190. <nchip> moment
  191. <mooch> i requested not to have the CSD place for the 13th, so if we change any plan on the day trip we have to change that too, but remember that we have the 13th reservation for the sauna, 13hours ;)
  192. <nchip> guidance: 840eur, ship otaniemi<->suomenlinna 1425.6eur, and food 14.5eur/person
  193. <stockholm> yes, i think the day trip fits very well on wednesday.
  194. <stockholm> how many meals are those? 2?
  195. <nchip> one meal (paella + salad + bread + coffee)
  196. <mooch> NOOOOOOOOOO
  197. <mooch> i refure to eat paella made by finns
  198. <h01ger> hihi
  199. <liiwi> hahaha
  200. <tuukkah> isn't picnic more fun with your own food
  201. <nchip> mooch: I can ask if they will allow you make it ;)
  202. <stockholm> echo $((840+1425+14*256))
  203. <stockholm> 5849
  204. <stockholm> and for that food it is rediculously expensive
  205. <h01ger> mooch, the paella must be fantastic for 14e :-)
  206. <jaldhar> is paella vegetarian incidently?
  207. <liiwi> of course not
  208. <liiwi> and propably has fish too
  209. <mooch> the food, I will pick it up from the market the day before, ala picnic
  210. <h01ger> very few are. there are lots of different types of paella...
  211. <nchip> I said I did not like the food offer.
  212. <stockholm> nchip: can you get an offer without food?
  213. <h01ger> jaldhar, ^^^
  214. <stockholm> nchip: good. keep on it.
  215. <stockholm> next?
  216. <nchip> We need a soppatykki and hernesoppa to suomenlinna :)
  217. <jaldhar> h01ger: its not a big deal I was just wondering
  218. --- stockholm has changed the topic on channel #debconf-team to "Status of the housing, blueprints"
  219. <stockholm> mooch: ?
  220. <mooch> another choice is to get HKL to fleat some buses to kauppatori and prepare the things for the boat
  221. <h01ger> .oO( but it is / might became a deal as there are 20 (?) vegetarians that day... nchip can you ask on that,2 ? )
  222. <stockholm> mooch: i think this is mostly about the smokki blueprints and the network blueprints
  223. <mooch> the houseing part should be more or less ready, and the contract including the sauna and smokki should be in the hands of L-A
  224. <stockholm> good
  225. <stockholm> housing is signed, yes
  226. <liiwi> if it's paella made by finns, propably everyone becomes vegetarians, at least for that day..
  227. <stockholm> and payed
  228. <h01ger> stockholm, mooch: as i understood it, we dont need smokki blueprints as its only one room. or ?
  229. <mooch> the part of network blueprints is not clear for smokki, since we have to get that part discussed with the TKY networking people
  230. <h01ger> TKY ?
  231. <stockholm> mooch: this becomes more and more pressing
  232. <nchip> ok, I'll ask for a set without food, and find out a easy way to provide a picnick of our own
  233. <liiwi> mooch: weren't we supposed to have meeting with them?
  234. <stockholm> mooch: soon the networking will be our blocker.
  235. <mooch> and we should not need any blueprints from smokki since it is going to be, most likelly, one plug on the wall and a network derived from there, or a 1GB link to the room...
  236. <stockholm> nchip: thanks, good work
  237. <h01ger> video planning is stuck partly because of lack of network info...
  238. <mooch> we will meet them this coming week, probably on monday or tuesday...
  239. <mooch> or we can try to set something tomorrow for this week, already
  240. <stockholm> mooch: today was monday already
  241. --- jbailey (~jbailey@CPE00501836c657-CM014260028338.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined channel #debconf-team
  242. <mooch> h01ger: what is stopping the video planning?
  243. <h01ger> mooch, i've answered to "questions and results from the video irc meeting" today, quoting most of it and pointing out unclear situations
  244. <stockholm> mooch: we dont know anything about how fast the network will be between the servers and the cameras
  245. <h01ger> mooch: we dont now where the servers will be located...
  246. <h01ger> mooch: we dont now how to feed the outside world with video streams
  247. <stockholm> and we dont know any other network details. leave alone that we want to change them
  248. <mooch> the cameras were supposed to be plug to the laptops with firewire, no?
  249. <h01ger> mooch: we dont now how smokki and the dorms are connected...
  250. <mooch> h01ger: i already said that will be not possible
  251. <h01ger> mooch, yes.
  252. <h01ger> mooch, last time you said it was. thru the students network...
  253. <stockholm> mooch: smokki <-> dorm impossible?
  254. <mooch> HUT <-> outside world
  255. <mooch> argh!
  256. <h01ger> it's a lot easier to discuss this with maps/blueprints. i'm willing to add a network layer to layer-acht.org/debconf5/overview_otaniemi.jpg if i understand/know the network topologies...
  257. <mooch> i am overloaded with people here at home
  258. <h01ger> mooch: say hi from hamburg ;)
  259. * mooch shuts aloud "SHUT UP!"
  260. <stockholm> mooch: for that you should have drawn a network diagram a long time ago, marking where the world is and where smokki and the dorm are.
  261. <jaldhar> I'm sorry for interrupting and this is not on the agenda but I need to go now. Did my Debian in South Asia BOF get confirmed? I haven't heard from gwolf yet.
  262. <mooch> tomorrow i will head to otaniemi and ask everything you need to know...
  263. <liiwi> mooch: at what time?
  264. <h01ger> jaldhar, no bof has been confirmed so far. afaik. there is voting and a schedule at some day...
  265. <stockholm> jaldhar: if you mailed him he will process it
  266. <h01ger> jaldhar, mine as well...
  267. <mooch> i have been to overloaded at work and in personal life to finnish that
  268. <liiwi> heh, finnish it
  269. <jaldhar> ok then I'll just wait for gwolf then
  270. <stockholm> mooch: then delegate it to liiwi, for example.
  271. <nchip> I think we will just have to assume, that smokki, hut, dorm and internet are separate islands, and prepare to vpn over them if necessary
  272. * liiwi disappears in a cloud of smoke
  273. <h01ger> mooch, i understand & me too (though personal life has a shortage atm...). please take my mail (re: results and questions from video meeting) and try to find answers on those. and i'm still and again offering my help in simple map drawing.
  274. <liiwi> .. if nothing else.
  275. <h01ger> nchip, then we need routers... and we would like to know ASAP :)
  276. <mooch> liiwi: do you have time tomorrow to get there?
  277. <jaldhar> I've got to go and pick up my daughter from school. Let me know if you need me to do anything
  278. <liiwi> mooch: what time?
  279. <mooch> i am sending a mail to elg right now to check if we can meet them...
  280. --- Signoff: jaldhar ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")
  281. <mooch> after 12, probably
  282. <mooch> i will get the car in the morning...
  283. <mooch> it is vantaa
  284. <liiwi> mooch: got meeting at 13, but I might be able to ignore that.
  285. <mooch> smokki and dorm are in the same network, the TKY network (students network) so the link should be at least 100mb
  286. <liiwi> mooch: I'd be free at 14, for sure.
  287. <mooch> is there a need for anything bigger?
  288. <mooch> liiwi: then i will try to schedule it for that time
  289. <liiwi> ~14:30 in otaniemi or soabouts..
  290. <h01ger> mooch: where will the servers be located ? smokki or dorms ? (the video editing room will be at the dorms ?!!)
  291. <stockholm> h01ger: smokki is not an option for the servers, really
  292. <mooch> h01ger: servers in the dorm, basement
  293. <mooch> we can get some chairs and tables for the video editing there and put them there
  294. <h01ger> ok, fine. i just thought it was unclear. all servers in the dorm and the video editing in the dorm. fine. hows the connection (from the laptops with firewire and ethernet) to the dorms ?
  295. <mooch> there is no option to put them in the attic on the dorm
  296. <stockholm> mooch: are chairs and tables sorted out?
  297. <mooch> stockholm: for smokki yes
  298. <stockholm> mooch: for the dorm?
  299. <mooch> we can probably take some, or get them from the recycling center
  300. <mooch> stockholm: the tables/chairs are the ones that they are putting in the building which is not much
  301. <h01ger> is the video editing room also in the dark cellar ?
  302. <stockholm> mooch: you did not give me prices for the mattrassess, yet
  303. <mooch> they refused to add anything on top of that
  304. <mooch> stockholm: i mentioned about 5e per matress and some possible money to be refunded
  305. <stockholm> ok.
  306. <h01ger> mooch: so the gigabit switch is in the dorm building as well ?!
  307. <stockholm> hihihi. cheap!
  308. <mooch> i gave those numbers already, but we still can probably get a cheapper price for that
  309. <stockholm> i hope we have several of those
  310. <h01ger> mooch: hows the connection from the CSD (from the laptops with firewire and ethernet) to the dorms ?
  311. <mooch> and always we can collect some money. 5e for a matress for the whole week should be a reasonable price
  312. <stockholm> yes
  313. <liiwi> .oO(sneakernet)
  314. <mooch> h01ger: the whole network is an student network, and all the departments and student building are connected with optical fiver
  315. <mooch> even fiber
  316. <h01ger> so the CSD is also part of the TKY ?
  317. <mooch> i _BELIEVE_ we will not have bottleneck with the network speed
  318. <mooch> is TKK, but they are connected with fiber links
  319. <mooch> people from TKY actually work in TKK from home, everyday...
  320. * h01ger asked for _confirmations_ for weeks...
  321. <mooch> i was connecting 6 _years_ ago with a fast speed connection there...
  322. <h01ger> anyway. looks a lot better now.
  323. <stockholm> next?
  324. <h01ger> mom
  325. <stockholm> ok, go on
  326. <mooch> h01ger: and i asked for the data, and all i received were short one-worded answers not answering my questions...
  327. <h01ger> mooch: so the gigabit switch is in the dorm building as well ?!
  328. <h01ger> that is my last question...
  329. <mooch> as i said, i will send a msg right now and try to get answers tomorrow, latest begining of next week, but it is a _fast_ network that links the whole campus together...
  330. <h01ger> mooch: yeah, i remember you moaning about those answers... ;-)
  331. <h01ger> ok ok ok
  332. * h01ger hides but smiles
  333. <mooch> ;)
  334. <stockholm> (c:
  335. <stockholm> next?
  336. <h01ger> next ? (stockholm were you fetching pancakes ?)
  337. --- stockholm has changed the topic on channel #debconf-team to "Status of conference areas"
  338. <stockholm> mooch: you mentioned a third auditorium?
  339. <liiwi> mooch: call you in the morning.
  340. <stockholm> is that in the csd, too?
  341. * liiwi heads to bed
  342. <mooch> small one, for space to 20/30 ppl
  343. <stockholm> we could need one with longer openening hours
  344. <stockholm> especially for the bofs
  345. <mooch> all the auds are in the CSD, which closes at 16.00
  346. <stockholm> we could use the big cellar room for the bofs
  347. <stockholm> but would need a lot of chairs there
  348. <mooch> we can schedule those in the akuarium (small room in smokki)
  349. <stockholm> 40, perhaps
  350. <mooch> and bring some paper panels from, perhaps, nokia
  351. <stockholm> mooch: we have 256 people present at the top day. smokki will be over crowded
  352. <mooch> or a whiteboard with a stand
  353. <h01ger> btw, how many people fit in the big smokki room ? 100 ? 50 ? 150 ?
  354. <stockholm> mooch: yes, that would help
  355. <mooch> but we will not have the 256 ppl at the same time in smokki, for sure
  356. <mooch> people will be sleeping in the morning, after hacking during the whole night
  357. <stockholm> h01ger: smokki as a whole is designed for 150, i think
  358. <mooch> in brazil there are people i met only during breakfast, heading to bed...
  359. <stockholm> mooch: still we are to many for smokki already.
  360. <stockholm> mooch: so smokki can not be double booked
  361. <stockholm> or if we do it we need to come up with more space elsewhere
  362. <stockholm> and more chairs
  363. <stockholm> around 100
  364. <nchip> how many talks/bofs/etc do we need to run at the same time? I would have thought a week/three auditoriums would ok?
  365. <mooch> 200ppl, both rooms
  366. <mooch> https://www.tky.fi/java/Index?oid=15214
  367. <stockholm> nchip: people will want to discuss etc in the night, too
  368. <mooch> hummm
  369. <mooch> why is everybody silent, suddenly
  370. <nchip> We need to setup a tent outside the building
  371. <stockholm> mooch: please try to find more space, good weather and some more chairs
  372. <stockholm> people will distribute themselfs, but we cant use smokki for the third or forth track, i fear.
  373. <stockholm> perhaps in the moring we could have meetings there.
  374. <nchip> we can use the small room there
  375. <mooch> from the recycling center we can get cheap chairs and tables
  376. <stockholm> the one in the back with the glass wall to the main room?
  377. <stockholm> mooch: how do we get them there? how big is the van? how much is the van?
  378. <mooch> i got a very funcy table for 30e on saturday, and reminded them about the mattresses
  379. <mooch> i am trying to get the van for free, lend by my girlfriends father...
  380. <stockholm> good1
  381. <stockholm> !
  382. <stockholm> next?
  383. * h01ger nods
  384. <stockholm> mooch: this is a lot you hvae to handle. please find people to help you
  385. <stockholm> mooch: let them act independent from you, preferably.
  386. <stockholm> the rest is video stuff and network topology (from the agenda)
  387. <stockholm> we talked about that already in passing and we dont have enough info before mooch was at the CSD tomorrow
  388. <stockholm> was this all?
  389. <stockholm> do we have more?
  390. * h01ger nods
  391. <stockholm> h01ger: what else is there?
  392. <h01ger> i nodded to everything except "do we have more"... - so, nothing
  393. <mooch> http://www.essopukinmaki.com/default.asp?t=1&p=1400&subp=200&did=49
  394. <h01ger> i want have much time to irc tomorrow and wednesday, mail will work better...
  395. <mooch> 3 days, 900km, 256e
  396. <h01ger> s/want/wont/
  397. <mooch> is the cheapest, according to one of my friends...
  398. <stockholm> mooch: your father in law would be happy with some alk from france or so?
  399. <stockholm> mooch: i think we could arrange for some
  400. <stockholm> ok, meeting adjourned!
  401. <stockholm> thank you everybody!
  402. <h01ger> btw, does anybody have interests in special food from germany/hamburch ? besides the obvious beer i have no real ideas...
  403. <mooch> stockholm: how long we need the van and how big?
  404. <mooch> si, questions for the network people, i am sending the mail to
  405. <teroajk> stockholm: Having just seen your svn commit, I assume you're not counting the Linux-Aktivaattori folks as volunteers when you said there are 6?
  406. <mooch> 1. speed between the linked buildings
  407. <mooch> 2. ethernet plugs in smokki (in the CSD and dorm should not be a problem)
  408. <mooch> 3. ?
  409. <h01ger> mooch: if we put all servers in the dorms, we need lots of ports open (to csd and smokki)
  410. <h01ger> ldap, dhcp, dns, sfs, mail, ...
  411. <nchip> what h01ger is probably trying to say, is "what is the firewalling setup"
  412. <h01ger> or vlans ;)
  413. <nchip> for number 3
  414. <h01ger> nchip, thanx.
  415. <mooch> h01ger: do you think we will be doing much in csd?
  416. <mooch> i believe most of the things will happen in the dorm and smokki...
  417. <h01ger> people will want to / would be happy to. we only need ldap, dhcp, sfs, dns...
  418. <h01ger> maybe s/need/want/ as well... (we = video here)
  419. <mooch> h01ger: as i mentioned already, the TKY network is heavily firewalled, so i will not trust too much on those... but i will ask
  420. <tuukkah> what is needed for vlans
  421. <mooch> dhcwhat?????????
  422. <mooch> why do you need dhcp to csd?
  423. <mooch> i believe we will be getting dhcp from TKY, or even fixed ips
  424. <mooch> dns also provided by them
  425. <h01ger> well, if we dont have it, ok. no fixed ips please.
  426. <mooch> mail will be routed by the network there (port 25 is closed)
  427. <mooch> ldap is the only thing that comes to mind that we need to sort out...
  428. <h01ger> as long as port 22 is open... i personally dont care about anything... ok, so we dont have our network at csd but only some network. (which might be fast and fancy but is not ours...) -> different kind of planning.
  429. <h01ger> true, dont forget ldap...
  430. <stockholm> mooch: that depends how much we need to move. books, servers, notebooks, mattrasses, chairs, tables.
  431. <stockholm> if it is big, good.
  432. <stockholm> teroajk: no, i dont count you.
  433. <h01ger> thats (^^^) what i also ment with logical topology which we didnt discuss much today. but i (we?) learned a lot more about the physical layout (and glossar terms like TKK and TKY), so the next time, we'll sort out the logical network structure :)
  434. <mooch> h01ger: i am sending this to the network guys (private)
  435. --- h01ger has changed the topic on channel #debconf-team to "next meeting when ? cu in HEL ??? or #here, before ?"
  436. <mooch> here, in 1 week
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