Custom Debian Distributions

A user centric view on Debian

Libre Software Meeting, Amiens, 12. Juli 2007


The talk introduces into the real power of a concept that makes Debian really fit for end user tasks of specific fields (like for instance physicist, chemist, without forgetting the recently released CDD Debian-Med for medical biologists and medical care). Despite the slightly misleading name CDDs are living inside Debian and the concept is about enhancing Debian to fit the user interest.

The idea of CDD is not only to provide single packages but to support a complete set of packages that are useful to fit user needs. It helps out new users to focus onto the subset amongst the whole bunch of 18000 packages in Debian and cares for reasonable configuration that everything works smoothly together.

The talk is intended for people who have a certain knowledge about Debian and want to support users in a specific field or environment.