A Custom Debian Distribution for sciences

Libre Software Meeting, Amiens, 12. July 2007


The Custom Debian Distribution Debian-Med was successful in attracting people working in the field of medicine and medical microbiology. It was able to convince people to integrate lots of interesting packages right into Debian and made Debian the distribution of choice for people working in the field of Medicine.

It sounds compelling to widen this concept of Custom Debian Distributions into the field of science. While there is a debian-science mailing list for exchange of ideas of Debian users and developers with scientific background there is no real technical support to install complete sets of scientific software packages nor is there any infra structure that shows interested users what Debian really supports.

A suggestion will be made to implement a task force that will care for building a CDD Debian-Science that might serve as a main entry point for scientists into Debian.

The talk is intended to people with a certain knowledge about Debian and working in a field of science.