Debian Med

Integrated software environment for all medical purposes based on Debian GNU/Linux

Open Source World Conference, Málaga, 22. October 2008


The Debian Med project started in 2002 with the objective to bring free medical software into the focus of users. The first step was the investigation of available Free Software in this area and to accomplish the conditions for a simple and solid installation of this software in Debian GNU/Linux. It has shown that the Debian Med project has a positive effect for the cooperating upstream projects.

It has shown that fields like molecular biology and medical imaging were covered quite good with Free Software solutions while there is not really much to manage a medical practice. The Debian Med project tries to be the missing link between developers and users to support Free Software solutions for all areas in medicine.

Debian Med is intended to be useful for service providers who want to distribute their free or proprietary solutions in medical care.

The talk is targeting to an audience with interest in Free Software for medical care and does not require any special knowledge.

The whole project is embeded into the Debian Pure Blends framework (formerly known as Custom Debian Distributions) as well as Debian Edu, Debian Science and others.