Debian Med BoF

DebConf 15, Heidelberg, 21. August 2015

Log from Gobby

  • Fixing bugs
    • Resolution: everybody fix more bugs (per day)
    • mentoring newcomers how to fix bugs (show them the list, find and apply patches, talk to upstream
  • Mentoring
    • Other volunteers to mentor in "Mentoring of the Month"
    • rename it to just "Mentoring"
  • Upstream names in polluted name space
    • like plink by recommending the med-config package that provided an easy method to automatically add /usr/lib/debian-med/bin
    • rather use modules
  • Gert Wollny might volunteer to maintain the Debian Med webpages
  • Explain how to edit tasks
  • Slicer package is unmaintained - Gert Wollny might look into this
  • Backports
    • Afif intends to parse "acceptes in testing" mails and trigger automatic backports
    • Backport changes are maintained by quilt in NeuroDebian team
      apt-get install neurodebian-devel
                 man backport-dsc
  • Could we may be some use of Jenkins
  • GSoC 2016: create build time tests and autopkgtests for (ideally all) our packages (working together with diverse upstreams
  • Put content of README.Debian to some web space and link to these on tasks pages (as it is for instance done by NeuroDebian with fsl